We are a Production Company offering whole solutions over the last 20 years in the field of TV Programs, Communication and Publicity. We develop our own formats for ourselves and for clients thanks to the quality and skillfullness of our human resources. We have been able to develop a myriad of contents for our audiovisual products, always seeking to portray an elite profile which lies in our high standards in production and state-of-the-art technical tools.


Bodyex is the first Streaming Platform totally focused on Physical Activity. We produce our own and exclusive contents, nationally and internationally. Our formats seek to portray a clear, entertaining, communicational and visually dynamic style. Our programs cover different areas such as: Fitness, Bodybuilding, Running, Pilates, Yoga and Martial Arts, among others.


This VOD (Video on Demand) Platform was created to offer the world of Physical Activity an innovative, independent and professional space where a variety of information is comprised seeking to facilitate consultancy targeted to different sectors (professors, coaches, instructors, clubs, academies, organizations and others) belonging to this industry.


All the contents are professionally developed. But at the same time, they are also produced to be massive-audience friendly, for an audience seeking  more information in permanent growth. This Streaming Platform constitues a new dynamic and engaging Audiovisual Concept. Viewers feel related to the issues offered by renowned experts, referents and professionals.


Changes in consumers’ behavior torwards consuming audiovisual contents and the surge of new dispositives give rise to the development of solutions of a higher technological convergence level. Bodyex Programming is broadcast via a VOD Platform (Neftlix, HBO GO, Direct TV Play) called OVER-THE-TOP (OTT). This Platform allows the transmission of contents from multiple points on the web. As a result, a constant high quality video content is received by massive global audiences.


Cloud Playout is the system used to generate our VOD Platform, which is managed remotedly by means of a web terminal and no human intervention. All of our programs can actually be broadcast by any content distribution network or by any TS IP or Cable Operator.


Whole Production of TV Programs

VOD Platform Production (Video on Demand)

Live Streaming Services

Outdoor Coverage (Cameras, Drones, Cranes, etc)

Pre and Post Production

Executive Production

Institutional Videos

Professional Learning Videos



2D and 3D Animation

Strategic and Communicative Publicity

Whole Marketing Solutions

Commercial and Institutional Communication


Press and Communication

Graphic Design

Media Acquisition and Planning

Event Organization and Management

SMM (Social Media Management)



Integral Production


General Production

Walter Cipolletti

General Realization

Andre Gibert

Executive Production

Sofía Borasi

Street Fitness Production

Daniel Bodnar

Lucas Ganduglia

Pilates Production

Erika Fehler

Running Production

Romina Kernbeis

Bodyex Chile Production

Cintia Batista Torres

Bodyex Brazil Production

Mónica Fuente – Alba Quilodrán

Cameras Director

Martín Carelli

Cameras Operators Argentina

Lucila Viacava

Victoria Mathé Leitner

Ana Daniela Quer

Cameras Operators Chile

Javier Contreras

Gardy Fernando Nieto Jara

Samuel Bronstein Valenzuela


Victoria Mathé Leitner

Ana Daniela Quer

Sofía Borasi

Francisca Monetti Agulla

Marisa Velasco Cevallos


Pablo Meraglia

Web Development

Mariano Ferro

Community Manager

Amelia Elizabeth Levitzky

Graphic Design

Agostina La Regina

Piuquen Pose Manzoni

Antonio José Bellota Valentinuzzi

                   Press and Communication

Laura Tcherkassky

Clothing Line Production

Natalia Molina